The Nigerian Health Sector Is A Mess

The Nigerian Health Sector is a mess. A living testament to that fact. One no sane Nigerian can dispute.

The fault is both from the government and the medical practitioners that run these health establishments.

On the part of the fault runs through the following routes.

  • They are not funding the Nigerian Health Sector enough. That sector is lacking the needed funds to carry out its duties to full capacity.
  • And in areas where they able to provide funds. They fail to monitor its implementation. Allowing those in the sector to siphon what was meant for the public.
  • And then there are those who are into the business of signing funds that never gets to the nigerian health sector. They use it for personal good and not even a penny gets to the sector for the thieves there to even get a slice.

Nigerian Health Sector,

On the paths of the medical practitioners.

  • The health sector for them as become a place for profit and nothing else.
  • They steal medical provisions from government owned hospitals where they work, transfer the stolen goods to their private hospitals where the products are then given out for large amounts.
  • The oath to save lives is no longer sacred to them. 
  • For them human lives has become the indices through which their capitalist tendencies are kept fueled and nourish.

The nigerian health sector is now a mess and both the government and medical practioners should be held accountable.

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